Walk Away the Pounds

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Walk Away the Pounds

Walk Away The PoundsGet Up and Get Started Video:
I’ll show you all the basics for good walking posture and how to use your Walk Away Weights for total body conditioning.

Walk Away The PoundsHigh Calorie Burn Video:
Don’t think you can walk 2 miles? You can, and you’ll love what it does for your body. This workout turns up the weight resistance and intensity for more fat burning.
Walk Away The PoundsSuper Fat Burning Video:
You’re going to see dramatic results from this 3-mile walking workout. It’s a challenging total body workout that turns your metabolism into a fat-burning furnace while firming and toning all your muscles.
Walk Away The PoundsWalk Away the Pounds Meal Plan Cards:
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun, easy and delicious. These recipe/meal cards take all the guesswork out of making good food choices. Click on image to view a sample Meal Plan Card.
Walk Away The PoundsWalk Away Weights:
They look like something from recess, and hey, they’re just as fun! These 2-pound weighted balls are easy to grip, easy to use, and boy, do they work!
Walk Away The PoundsWalk Away Energy Formula:
With our busy lifestyles, our bodies need all the help they can get feeling replenished. This vitamin has all the essential nutrients your body needs to really function properly and burn the fat.

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