Walk Away the Pounds for Abs

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Walk Away the Pounds for Abs

Walk your way to abs-olute fitness! Think you can't get a great walking workout that works your abs and waist at the same time? Fitness expert Leslie Sansone designed Walk Away the Pounds for Abs - the only in-home walking system available that uses your body's own resistance to whittle that tummy into shape, melt away those love handles and create a sleeker and slimmer shape. Combine the videos with the Walk Away Belt to turn a brisk walk into a fat-burning miracle that really challenges your abs, arms, back, buns, chest, legs, shoulders and waist. Program includes meal planning cards for healthy dining plus the Walk Away Energy Formula to satisfy your essential daily nutrient needs.

Walk Away the Pounds for Abs includes:

Get Up And Get Started - 1 Mile Video
You don't have to run a marathon to get a challenging workout. In just one mile of in-home power walking, you'll raise that heart rate and engage every muscle of your upper body. It's not just one mile of serious fat burning: it's also one mile of excellent sculpting, toning and firming. It shows you the basics of Leslie's workouts and how to use the Walk Away Belt. With this program, you can get in a great, total body conditioning workout even if you only have 15 minutes to spare.

High Calorie Burn - 2 Mile Video
Pour on the power with this 2-mile 30-minute workout. You'll be amazed at just how fast 2 miles flies by when you're picking up the pace and adding the push and pull of that all-important resistance training. You'll sweat. You'll stretch. You'll strengthen, tone and condition. And you'll burn even more calories and fat.

Super Fat Burning - 3 Mile video
Get ready to blow away those calories for good. This video gives you 3-miles and 45 minutes of high-energy walking with more intervals of resistance training that takes the calorie burn into a whole new dimension. You'll feel every muscle in your body working. You'll love the intensity of this workout - and you'll really love what it does for your body.

Walk Away Belt
The Walk Away Belt does two things at once to make sure you get the maximum impact from your workout. The belt itself keeps good stability in your core by holding your spine straight and engaging your abdominal muscles. It basically tells the muscles of your waist and stomach to contract and tighten. And when you use the bands to push and pull, the resistance helps whittle that waist down to size and trims inches of those hidden abs. This is a very effective, smart and safe way to sculpt without injury and get rid of that waistline.

Walk Away Energy Formula Vitamins
Need an energy boost? Leslie's special all-natural supplement gives you the get-up-and-go you need, plus all the essential nutrients to keep your body healthy.

14-Day Meal Menu Cards
This is the easiest weight-loss meal plan you'll ever use. All the thinking is done for you. You just follow the cards and that's it! On the days you exercise less, you'll eat less. When you exercise more, you'll eat more. This "shakes up" your metabolism and keeps it from reaching a plateau so you're burning fat every single day! The recipes are quick, easy and delicious - everything from pasta to desert.

Instructional Guide
Learn about Leslie's In-Home Walking system, find answers to FAQs and get tips on how to stay motivated. It features Leslie's 21-day calendar, mapping out what video to use and what meals to eat.

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